The state government of Karnataka to implement the new rule for the 2-wheelers producers which is hard to find in any other states.

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As per the rules, the government restricted manufacturers to sell a two-wheeler with less than 100cc engine capacity with a pillion seats which means no pillion riders would be permitted on bikes upto 100cc potential. Now, the question is – why the govt. banned the attachment of pillion seats to such bikes?. After successful meetings and as per the rules, administrators put the lights on such an exceptional judgment to prevent the accidents in which pillion riders become easy victims.

2-wheelers upto 100cc engines won’t have the pillion seats in Karnataka

The Transport Department of Karnataka, in compliance with the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, notified regarding the effect on 16th October. After the publication of notification, a large number of opinions raised concerning on the loss of middle class but the Transport Commissioner B Dayananda said that we have issued the notification which will be remedial for all. As per the notice, the variations will only be made in new motor vehicles, the existing vehicles with less than 100cc will remain as they are.

Principal Secretary of Transport Department – Dr B Basavaraju said that the effects were examined by the government and will be executed after the final outcome by the government. The Department will stop conceding the “type approval certificate” to the manufacturers which assign the sale of the two-wheelers possessing a pillion seats even with less than 100cc engines.

The Karnataka high court pointed out the “type approval certificate” facility while judging a case of an accident insurance case from Mysuru. Considering the effects, the government decided to produce a relevant solution and thus, 2-wheelers with less than 100cc engines containing a pillion seats are about the be restricted. B Dayananda called the notice released by the transport department a beneficial for all notification, as per the NewIndianExpress.


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