Safety of Children in Schools

Safety of Children in Schools News: In inclination with an extensive set of guidelines issued by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India vide D. O. letter No. 10-11/2014-EE.4 dated 09.10.2014, (Annexure-1) CBSE Delhi on 12 September 2017 has uploaded Annexures for Safety of Children in Schools. Undersigned and affiliated by JAIPRAKASH CHATURVEDI (DEPUTY SECRETARY), released brochure has five valuable intents to put in front of heads of all schools affiliated to the CBSE. Following Ryan International School Murder Case, CBSE concludes that admittance to school building by strangers should be repressed and visitors observed. Central Board Delhi has apprised to introduce CCTV cameras at all unprotected areas/points on the campus and to guarantee they are utilitarian at all the times.

CBSE releases Annexures for Safety of Children in Schools

Telling about the subsequent rise in concern of parents about the safety of students “The onus for safety and security of children in school campus shall solely lie upon the school authorities. It is a fundamental right of a child to engage and study in an environment where he/she feels safe and is free from any form of physical or emotional abuse or harassment,” said Jai Prakash Chaturvedi from CBSE affiliation Unit. 

Schools should receive continuous feedbacks from the parents regarding safety needs of the student. For this, a parent-teacher-students committee should be formed in all CBSE affiliated schools.

All employed staff (support staff, bus drivers, conductors, peon) will have a psychometric evaluation and police verification done in a general demeanour.

Besides, MHRD says any infringement/lapses with concern to the protection and well being of children, in school campus would summon unseemly action including the disaffiliation of school as per the prerequisites under Affiliation Bye-Laws of the board. Safety of Children in Schools News: Following Ryan International Schools Murder Case, Central Board of Secondary Education late yesterday on says about it.

Source: Read Full Notification Here.

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