Rajasthan Police Coordination Committee

Rajasthan Police Coordination Committee News: A recent meeting to reduce the crime rate in the state is concluded by state home minister and an Indian politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party – Gulab Chand Kataria. He said: “crimes and criminals are the biggest obstacles to the progress of any state in the country, and we need a new mechanism to sort that out.” Shri Kataria was present on Friday in a police coordination committee meeting of western zone. All the states in the nation are suffering from increasing rate of crimes in the country. Where Rajasthan state is in high demands to see a decreasing line in the graph of crime rates.

Rajasthan Police Coordination Committee Meeting Organised

Shri Kataria told, thief, most of the times uses stolen vehicles at the time of the robbery. Thus, it’s not that simple to catch the culprit by just noting down the vehicle number. As, in maximum cases, police department later finds out that vehicle owner is different than the accused.

Director general of Police goa Dr Muktesh Chander convinced the importance of information on a server, video conferencing, cloud computing, different types of mobile apps and their uses in identity theft, body camera use, satellite tracker etc.

Jaipur city police commissioner Shri Sanjay Aggrawal while telling about Abhay command centre, informed the guest that till March 2017, total 3000 cameras have already been installed. Out of them, 500 cameras have been established in the cities. This exercise may help in crime detection, crime control or low and order.

Shri Agrawal added that recently E-challan has also been started. While this is implemented on road light jumpers only till now.

Source: Official Website Rajasthan Police Coordination Committee News: Shri Gulab Chand Kataria addressed the members in the meeting that new mechanism is required to catch the criminals.

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