How to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend in 5 simple steps

Having a nice, loving girlfriend indeed is something that might change your whole life. There is perhaps no better feeling than holding in your arms someone who truly loves you and is willing to give in everything for you. However, sometimes all your efforts to find a decent girl seem to be failing or you just can’t decide how to act, what to say and so on. And there comes the time when you start looking for the answers to the questions like “why can’t I get a girlfriend?”. So, let these 5 simple steps guide you on how to find a girlfriend of your dream.

Step 1 – Set your priorities right

The best way to get a girlfriend lies precisely in being smart when it comes to finding the right person. So, it is about finding the right lady and converting her into your girlfriend. Define what type of girl you are looking for and what qualities she must possess.

Make a list of traits you’d like to observe in your future girlfriend.

Just like this:

  • Cute
  • Interesting
  • Sporty
  • weet
  • Likes cooking
  • Takes care of herself
  • Likes hanging out

This is the first and most crucial step in finding a girlfriend. Know exactly what you are looking for!

Step 2 – Selecting a “search” area

Harder than how to get a girlfriend is where you should look for her. Our planet is a pretty big place and there are thousands of personalities out there. Your success is all about filtering. You’re probably not going to look for a shy, cute, romantic girlfriend at a Metallica concert. Would you?

Places where good potential girlfriends dwell:

  • Public libraries
  • Quiet cafés
  • Park Zones
  • Home parties

Step 3 – Approach her

Await a perfect moment when she will be alone, come up to her and start a conversation. Sincerely, directly, confidently. Surely, it takes lots of confidence to come straight to a girl and start talking, but all that confidence may be finally rewarded. Girls truly notice the fact, that you had balls to come up and talk face-to-face unlike all other guys trying to put the moves on her via Facebook. Women like to be around guys who are self-confident. Once you begin talking to a girl, you will be surprised that there is nothing deadly dangerous. Most of them are sweet girls looking for someone to love and someone who will love them.

Step 4 –Ask for her number

After the talk makes sure you leave with her number, so you can call her later. Avoid begging for it, do not hesitate to ask for a number, be a man. Don’t be needy either. Try not to seem too available.

Remember, you may sympathize with her but you do not need her exactly. Girls hate guys who start acting miserably with them. That’s your main framework.

Step 5 – Make her your girlfriend officially

We’ve eventually come to the final and the most vital step in our program and extremely delicate too. Once you are about to take your girl out for a date, be watchful what kind of dates you decide to go to. It shouldn’t be boring to death. Have fun, do something together. Girls adore positive vibes. Go camping, karting, play Frisby, rent bikes – just do something entertaining, do something in a pair. Be original. And then, in the end, you can ask her for a dinner or a cup of tea or coffee. Be ready to kiss her during the second date, somewhere in the middle of your date. Her arriving tata second date is a major sign that she likes you and she expects something bigger with you.

Now you already know how do you get a girlfriend, so just keep on dating her, invent creative dates, meet her friends, go to movies, dinner. Make sure your relationship is based on stability, joy and pleasure. Make sure she is happy all the way and she will stay with you for a long, time. Now get out and start your search for a perfect girl for a relationship!

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