Sonam Kapoor Has Also Developed Bronchitis

Sonam Kapoor Has Also Developed Bronchitis News: Was Diwali 2017 really so terrible that it had made Bollywood Diva, Actress Sonam Kapoor so afraid of weather conditions in Mumbai? Keeping latest twitter posts of Sonam Kapoor in mind, Kapoor who is presently busy shooting for Veere Di Wedding has developed Acute Bronchitis which Wikipedia defines as “Inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from the lungs.” According to National Health Organisation, in India, more than 10 million cases per year have been reported of Bronchitis. In the same period, she also retweeted the post of Somesh Chadda, Kusum Chadda daughter and Indian Actress (Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!) – Richa Chadda.

Sick Of Mumbai’s Air? Sonam Kapoor Has Also Developed Bronchitis

Richa Chadda’s tweet regarding bad weather and breathing conditions of Mumbai –

Here comes the Sonam Kapoor’s tweet for the same-

Directly or indirectly these tweets are pointing towards the permission of the government to allow firing crackers in film city of India. Following this, if such cases kept arising in future, Delhi will not the only breathing endangered city of India. Rather, two major cities – Delhi and Mumbai both will fall into the category of cities having fresh breath is becoming harder and harder with the passage of time.

Days after Diwali 2017, people have started to watch out these problems in Mumbai. So will government ban usage, buying and selling of firecrackers in Mumbai next year in 2018 or not?

Have never had breathing issues in my life. But have been wheezing and developed bronchitis. It’s so scary – Is what exactly tweeted by Sonam Kapoor Today.

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