Top Dating Apps For Geeks

Top Dating Apps For Geeks

Over the past ten years, the world market of online dating has grown almost sixfold: from $ 850 million in 2006 to $ 5 billion in 2016. Data for 2017 is not yet available, but the trend towards an increase in the capitalization of the industry has been preserved. At the same time, the user’s views on online dating have changed. They are no longer perceived as a desperate destiny, and the number of couples, created due to the Internet is growing every year, as the diversity of startups working in this field.

Today, we’ll look at applications that help geeks find a pair. After all, some people who are seriously interested in the IT field and everything that is connected with this is becoming more and more.


Initially, this app positions itself as a dating service for nerds. However, the developers have expanded their understanding of this word to fuzzy, barely noticeable boundaries. The slogan of the company says that in each of us there lives a nerd, it is only necessary to recognize its existence, to discern it in itself. With this, it is difficult to argue because almost any person has hobbies, which often turn into a real passion.

Someone is fascinated by the world of music, someone by movies, someone by video games, somebody does not imagine life without different gadgets. And someone has a passion for all these things at the same time. The application is created so that each person, regardless of its hobby, had the opportunity to find like-minded people, a friend, and perhaps a love for life.

Trek Passions

Do you think that you are the last Star Trek fan in the world? Have you no one to discuss the next intergalactic crisis in your beloved fantastic universe? This is strange because there is a Trek Passions application. App for fans of fiction. If you want to find a friend who shares your interest, or just want to chat on futurological topics, or even get acquainted with someone for a romantic relationship – it’s a must-have.

It’s not just an application; it’s a full-fledged social network for like-minded people. It does not matter what you are into – Star Trek, Star Wars or Isaac Asimov’s novels – every geek will find himself a pleasant companion, best friend or future family member. Checked by the experience of thousands of geeks!


And this application is for choosing friends (and lovers) for IQ. Sapio follows the modern concept of sapiosexuality when people fall in love with being too bright. Register at Sapio, answer a lot of test questions, among which there are often custom tasks, get your smart marker – and go ahead, look for talented and exciting people.

It’s easy to guess that this application is prevalent among geeks. A platform that gives you the ability to brag about the size of … the brain! What could be better? However, keep in mind that despite all the efforts of the creators of the application, many people are not smart enough to hang out in such a steep geek-party. Especially this applies to girls who use the old-good trick – pictures in a swimsuit. So it is possible that you will have to spend a little more time than you would like before you find your favorite bright mate or lover.


This is a relatively new application, which is very popular among geeks. The developers of the app can boast of hundreds of really positive feedback about their product. Also, thanks to this request, many couples were created who successfully transferred their relationship to reality and now go to Comic-Con together. This is the best reward for your passion for comic books, literature, and films, buddy.

We live in a fantastic time when there are such things as, dating sites for butchers, farmers, tall people and transgender people. Each of us has the opportunity to find a soulmate and surround ourselves with like-minded people. So get out from your cozy cave and start communicating with the world as you want!

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