RSCIT Answer Key 8 July 2018

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018 AVAILABLE SOON. आर एस सी आई टी 8 July 2018 परीक्षा की उत्तर कुंजी इस पेज पर अपलोड कर दी | Official Series A B C D PDF, VMOU RKCL Exam, उत्तर कुंजी, Question Paper. 08.07.2018 Question Paper PDF Download, Expected Result Date. VMOU RSCIT RKCL Question Paper (All Questions) & their respective solutions from Answer Key.

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018, Question Paper PDF

S. No. Series A Series B Series C Series D
1. C D A B
2. A D C D
3. C A C A
4. A A B D
5. D D C C
6. A A D A
7. C C B B
8. C C B A
9. D B D D
10. B C A D
11. B D D C
12. B B C A
13. D A A D
14. A C C D
15. D C A A
16. C D C A
17. A B A D
18. B B D A
19. A C A C
20. D A C C
21. D C C B
22. C A D C
23. A D B D
24. A B B B
25. C A D C
26. C D D A
27. B D A C
28. C C A A
29. D A D D
30. B B B A
31. D D A C
32. D A D C
33. A D D D
34. A C C B
35. D A A B
  1. अरिथमेटिक लॉगिन इकाई के सम्बन्ध में निम्नलिखित बयानों पर विचार करें –
    1. यह अंकगणित ऑपरेशन करता है |
    2. यह डाटा स्टोर करता है |
    3. यह तुलना करता है |
    4. इनपुट डिवाइस के साथ संचार करता है |
  2. डॉट मैट्रिक्स, इंकजेट और लेज़र किस कंप्यूटर बाह्य उपकरणों के प्रकार हैं –
    1. प्रिंटर
    2. मॉनिटर
    3. सॉफ्टवेयर
    4. कीबोर्ड
  3. HTML ____________ बनाने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है –
    1. मशीन भाषा प्रोग्राम
    2. उच्च स्तर भाषा
    3. वेब पेज
    4. वेब सर्वर
  4. इंटरनेट शब्दावली में आई. पी. का मतलब है –
    1. इंटरनेट प्रोवाइडर
    2. इंटरनेट प्रोटोकॉल
    3. इंटरनेट प्रोसेस
    4. इंटरनेट प्रोग्राम
  5. एम एस वर्ड 2010 के किस टैब में हैडर और फुटर विकल्प उपलब्ध हैं –
    1. व्यू टैब
    2. पेज लेआउट टैब
    3. प्रिंट लेआउट टैब
    4. इन्सर्ट टैब

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018, उत्तर कुंजी, Question Paper. 22.04.2018 Question Paper PDF Download, Result Date & Official Answer Sheet, Major Questions asked today in RSCIT 08 July 2018 Question Paper were – VLSI Full Form, Non-Volatile Memory, Android is an example of Which Software, HTML is used to create, What is flow chart, MS Access is an example of, Which Shortcut Key inserts a new slide in current presentation, In internet terminology IP Means, In which tab header and footer option is available in MS Word 2010, Which Protocol provides Email Facility Among Different Hosts RSCIT Paper Answer Sheet PDF Download Soon.

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018, उत्तर कुंजी, Question Paper

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018 News: On 22.04.2018, Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, VMOU Kota will coordinate written the examination for RSCIT. Official Answer Key of 21.11.2017 test of RKCL is contributed below.

RSCIT full form is Rajasthan State Certificate course in Information Technology. With zero detection of any paper leak news, an offline examination was held successfully.

On being asked from appeared students, we found the level of RSCIT Question Paper 08 July 2018 set by RKCL (Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited) was AVERAGE.

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018 Officially Releasing Soon

In the released Permission Letters, applicants were advised to visit examination centres at or before 11:00 AM.

While few last entries were granted till 11:30 AM. Reportedly, few applicants have faced the problem as one or two candidates were denied to enter written test centres following the fact that they were late. RKCL official answer key of RSCIT 08 July 2018 by VMOU check below.

Note: Below Given Is Of 26 November 2017. 08 July 2018 RSCIT Exam Answer Key will soon be uploaded online.

Q. No. Booklet Series A Booklet Series B Booklet Series C Booklet Series D
 01.  A C D B
02. C B B C
03. B A D B
04. A C C A
05. D D B B
06. D D D D
07. B D A A
08. C A A C
09. B C B B
10. A B D A
11. B D D D
12. D A A D
13. C D C D
14. B B B A
15. A D A C
16. C C D B
17. D B D D
18. D D B A
19. D A C C
20. A A B B
21. C B A A
22. B D B C
23. D D D D
24. A A C D
25. D C B A
21. B B A A
27. D A C B
28. C D D D
29. B D D D
30 D B D D
31. A C A B
32. A B C D
33. B A B C
34. D B D B
35. D D A D

It is expected that 22.04.2018 RSCIT exam results will be announced in last week of April 2018 or First Week of May 2018. Apart from Jainarayan Vyas Vishwavidyalaya, even government schools were also allotted as centres of examination.

The test started at noon and within one hour total 35 questions were asked of the candidates, For wrong answers, there is no negative marking. While, those who are lucky enough to have their solutions match with VMOU RSCIT 08 July 2018 Official Answer Key, should know that two marks will be awarded for every correct answer.

RSCIT Answer Key 08 July 2018 Officially Releasing Soon: Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University Kota, Today Updated Solutions for Booklet Series A, B, C & D.

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