Coral Reef Loss Data

Coral Reef Loss Data News: 52% loss in the occurrence of corals in Florida keys over past two and half century is examined. Colby College, Waterville, Maine environmental studies professor and lead author of this study came across Gauld’s map in 20017. George Gauld was a British surveyor who was sailing around the Florida Keys between 1773-1775. Sent by British Admiralty, concluding who much reef cover has diminished over past 250 years, “The Bank is full of Coral Patches and no Vessel ought to venture into less than 3 fathoms,” he wrote. Following this, a group of Historians and environmental scientists deemed to study Gauld’s map in depth. And the results were so astonishing, that 52% is not a decline in live coral but It’s the entire loss of those reefs.

242-year-old Navigational Charts Unveils Coral Reef Loss Data

Marine geoscientist and conservationist at the University of Miami, Sam Purkis though not being a part of this research feels that “It’s a very important study.”

Scientists compared the American Revolutionary War maps to modern charts using satellite navigation. And concluded with the fact those more than half Florida’s vibrant coral reefs have been replaced by seagrass beds or bare sea floor.

On the other side, a researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, Katie Cramer firmly believes there exist some limitations with maps. As just by relying on maps it’s almost impossible to predict whether surveyors distinguished between dead reefs or living reefs.

At the same time, researchers also believe that Coral Reef Loss Data may become an issue of discussion at International Maritime Organization. Hopefully, this marine authority of world, formerly known as Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization(IMCO) until 1982, may take a step or two for the goodness of Coral Reef life.

Because apart from being the most diverse ecosystems on the planet from damaging impressions of wave unfolding and tropical storms, Coral Reef preserves coastlines.

Reports also show that in some portions, declination is even approaching 90%. Coral Reef Loss Data News: British surveyor George Gauld journey between 1773 and 1775 &18th-century nautical maps show coral loss is much worse than expected.

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