Anthropocene Warrants A Formal Place

Anthropocene Warrants A Formal Place News: Once again, by an international team of scientists from the University of Leicester, human influences have been made accountable for alterations in Earth’s geological arrangement.

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And, they’ve indirectly asked for the promotion of Anthropocene. Or, scientists suggest that concept proposed by the year 2000, Nobel Prize-winning Dutch Atmospheric chemist Paul Jozef Crutzen – “Anthropocene” warrants a formal place in the Geological Time Scale. After the retreat of Last Ice Age, Holocene Epoch has seen 11.7 thousand years of relative environmental stability. Following this, results of the study suggest Anthropocene should obey on from the Holocene Epoch. Reason being we’ve sprung entering a more unstable and rapidly evolving phase of our planet’s history.

Anthropocene Warrants A Formal Place In Geological Time Scale

Major three factors of such observed human impacts include –

  • Accelerating Species Extinction.
  • Extensive and ongoing transformation of a geologically single phase of human-mediated species invasions.
  • Foreseen long-term climate effects.

Elaborating more about birth of Anthropocene, University of Leicester’s School of Geography, Geology and the Environment Professor Mark Williams said: “Geologically, the mid-20th century describes the most prudent level for the commencement of the Anthropocene – as it brought in the significant global changes to many of the Earth’s original chemical cycles, such as those of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and also enormous amounts of novel materials such as plastics, concrete, and aluminium, which will help build the strata of the future.”

As a result of a study, eight years long struggle may pay off of Anthropocene Working Group (AWG) that whether Anthropocene should be a formal declaration since 2009.

Also, honorary chair of AWG, following the fact that stamp approval of coined term by International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) may still take years has stated that “Whatever decision is ultimately made, the geological reality of the Anthropocene is now clear.”

Anthropocene Warrants A Formal Place News: a Significant scale of human impact on the planet has changed the course of Earth’s history, scientists suggest the University of Leicester.

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