quantum video call by China
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Quantum video call by China News: It seems two years (planned) mission with launch date 17:40 UTC, 16 August 2016 – Quantum Space Satellite; Micius / ‎Mozi paid off this Friday.

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As, after generating a secure key from a quantum satellite called Micius, Chinese researchers have demonstrated (via call between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Academy of Sciences) that its possible to encrypt data and send it a longer distance without getting hacked. A single working principle of this research lies in the term “quantum communication.” China’s ten years of hard work on fiber-satellite quantum communications network provides cryptographic keys to the user. And, this remarks it the safest possible way to transfer data across the globe till date.

New challenge to hackers: ‘unhackable’ quantum video call by China

A country in North America – United States of America may also become part of this study. As, reports are there that similar test consultations between China and Singapore, Italy, Germany, and Russia will be carried out shortly. That forces, superpower like India to be a part of this project.

Talking about extents of this achievement, Chinese quantum physicist – Jian-Wei Pan said: “It’s the first time that there’s been long-distance communication using quantum key encryption in something like a video conferencing application.”

“It’s a spectacular demonstration,” he later added.

What makes this method of transferring data unhackable?

The present way of transferring data and digital communication is based upon certain mathematical functions. That has been proved hackable with a passage of time.

While, this Asian satellite is already equipped in space with producing facility of photons – single particles of light whose peculiar properties can be used to generate a random sequence of bits.

Johannes Handsteiner from the Austrian Academy of Sciences explained: “If somebody attempts to intercept the photons exchanged between the satellite and the ground station and to measure their polarization, the quantum state of the photons will be changed by this measurement attempt, immediately exposing the hackers.”

quantum video call by China News: In the hunt to stop illegal hacking cases, researchers show it’s possible to encrypt and send data between two locations in a highly secure way.

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