Not Only Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Not Only Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos News: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, big brand billionaires names, have dominated the space industry.

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But, these are not the only ones, who want to get ahead of all in Space Revolution Race. No or fewer money start-ups of space entrepreneurs are also funded by wealthy investors around here in the world. May be few of them are billionaires and few millionaires. The 2nd richest person and 324th richest person in the world has invested $1 billion and $600 million respectively in Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. Besides, below is the list of affluent investors who are interestingly investing in the Space Revolutions with the passage of time. Apart from this, just a week from now, our earth will face a situation where Largest Asteroid Will Pass By Earth On Sept 1, Safety Confirmed By NASA

Not Only Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Others Also In Space Revolution

Besides, Bloomberg prepared the chart containing Wealthiest space investors net worths and investee breakdown. Mentioning the Billionaires names [Space Investment – Net Worths in USD $]. The first position was secured by Bill Gates [Kymeta – 85.2] followed by Jeff Bezos [Blue Origin – 82.3], Mark Zuckerberg [SETI – 71.2], Larry Page [Planetary Resources – 46.5], Sergey Brin [SpaceX – 45.4], Li Ka-Shing [Windward – 33.6], Ma Huateng [Moon Express – 33.4], Sheldon Adelson [Space IL – 31.3], Paul Allen [Strato Launch – 22.3], Elon Musk [SpaceX – 21.3], Eric Schmidt [Planetary Resources – 11.9], Ricardo Salinas [OneWeb 9.6], Richard Branson [Virgin Galactic – 5.1], Lynn Schusterman [SpaceIL – 4.9], Yuri Milner [Planet – 4.5], Marc Benoiff [Taranis 4.4].

Total Number of private space ventures have been boosted in a major way after 2009. Prior to that and still, SpaceX has been holding a big position resulting in the Good Relationship News of SpaceX and NASANot Only Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Others Also In Space Revolution: reportedly, wealthy investors are interestingly funding No-Money Startup of the globe

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