Parkinson’s Progression

Parkinson’s Progression News: Here’s something utterly profitable for people already in a trap of early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Mayo Clinic and others’ data says this disease is mostly found in 41-60 and 60+ aged people. Further settling for 19-40 adults and even lesser in 14-18 teenagers and rarely observed in 6-13 aged kids. Sole of the study can be extracted here saying that by doing burdensome high-intensity training, this disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement can be delayed. Although, in Parkinson’s disease, its a different issue that treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured.

Its a kind of 12 weeks study managed at 80-85% maximum heart rate. Two things that make this learning procedure awfully distinctive to others are a number of participants and clarity of consequences. Preceding this study, a large number of considerations are made. Each of them clearly described that vigorous physical training improves motor symptoms.

But none of them every suggests whether this high-intensity exercise tweaks symptoms or disease progression. Talking about the second factor, from the University of Pittsburgh, University of Colorado, Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern University, between age 40-80 years old, 128 participants became a chunk of this unplanned clinical trial.

Daniel Corcos, Co-Author of this new study, when speaking of outcomes said: “We delayed worsening of symptoms for six months; whether we can prevent progression any longer than six months will require further study. If you have Parkinson’s disease and you want to delay the progression of your symptoms, you should exercise three times a week with your heart rate between 80 to 85 percent maximum.

It is that simple. The earlier in the disease you intervene, the more likely it is you can prevent the progression of the disease. We gave them a proper workout. This is not mild stretching. This is high intensity. It’s part of the idea that exercise is medicine.”

Parkinson’s Progression Can Be Delayed By High-Intensity Exercise: Northwestern Medicine and the University of Denver Researchers Strongly Believes In Vigorous Training.

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