Mi Exchange Programme

The Beijing headquartered electronics and software company introduced another better scheme for its users. If you are a user of Xiaomi handsets and want to exchange smartphone then there is a great deal for you. Xiaomi has presented a Mi exchange programme. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has integrated with the Delhi based Cashify to make the facility more feasible. “We have introduced a new programme in alliance with Cashify which is named as Mi exchange. It is an offer which lets users exchange their existing handset with the new Xiaomi smartphone. There are some simple ways to avail the programme,” the company said while unveiling of the plan through its community forum.

Mi Exchange Programme Introduced, Xiaomi Partnered With Cashify

How to exchange the old smartphone?. There are some simple and straightforward steps that a user has to follow for availing the policy. The first thing that an old user has to do under the Mi Exchange offer is, approach the near Mi home store. When a handset owner reaches the store, the Cashify team will decide the value of the user’s device following which the team will recommend a discount for the new smartphone.

Cashify site is providing the preview of the price that a customer will receive on the exchange of smartphone. There is another option for those who want to exchange their device, they can pick up service from Cashify according to which the device will be picked up from the smartphone’s location. In order to make this plan useful, users have to just pay the complete amount the new purchase at Mi store and the Cashify will pay the existing smartphone’s value later.

A very important point to note here that only one smartphone can be exchanged for the old device. The Cashify will decide the value of existing smartphone on the basis of the device’s condition, market value and other factors.

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