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The Australian audio company Nura drove its first product “Nuraphone,” a headphone based on the acoustic learning technology.

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The newly launched product have something different from other headphones which makes it more engaging technological equipment. It is not necessary that what is suitable for you will work well for another person and Nura introduced its new headphone after working in this field. According to reports of the company’s leaders, the headphones manage an individual’s profile following which it delivers the resulting sound accordingly. The application in phone connected with the device whether it runs an iOS or Android can save three profiles at a time, and whenever a user turns it on, it selects your profile and operates respectively.

Nura launches headphone with acoustic learning technology at $399

The Nuraphone is divided it two portions – an over-ear and an in-ear part. The over-ear part drives the bass of the device while the mid and high sounds drive by the inner section of the headphone. The company named this technology as Inova, which distributes the sound frequency in two portions.

The statements direct that the device first operates with different frequencies between a low 250hz and a high 8kHz for 60 seconds. In this interval of time, the device detects what frequency will be proper for ears. It measures for both the ears differently.

Its body pattern includes lightweight aluminum ear cups and stainless steel headband. A built-in ventilation system has been installed in ear cups which keeps users ears cool. For extra comfort, the manufacturer has fixed a soft silicone material.

Nuraphones have another different ability to manage a connection with compatible devices via different mechanisms. Can be connected using a USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB, 3.5mm auxiliary and Lightning for wired connectivity and utilizes aptX HD Bluetooth for wireless streaming. A built-in rechargeable battery provides a 20 hours battery life.

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