www.potentialcoaching.in CEE 2018 Answer Key

www.potentialcoaching.in CEE 2018 Answer Key 29 April Assam Test – Best Coaching Institute for IIT JEE, Medical in Guwahati Answer Keys and Solutions Prepared by Experts from Potential to CEE Assam – Common Entrance Examination Appeared Students Clear All Their Doubts.

www.potentialcoaching.in CEE 2018 Answer Key 29 April Assam Test

  1. The largest number by which on dividing the numbers 1356, 1868, 2764, the remainder is 12 in all cases:
    1. None of these
    2. 68
    3. 64
    4. 70
  2. There are six bells which ring at the interval of 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 minutes. All the six bells are rung together at 08:00 AM. Find out the time when they will ring again together:
    1. 10:00 AM
    2. 01:00 PM
    3. 11:00 AM
    4. None of these
  3. The coordinates of the angular point of a triangle ABC are A (0,1), B (2,0) and C (-1,-2). Find the equation of side AB of the triangle:
    1. x-2y=1
    2. x+3y=1
    3. x+2y=2
    4. x+y=2
  4. If a rigid body is travelling distance is proportional to the square of time, then the acceleration of this rigid body is
    1. zero
    2. increasing
    3. decreasing
    4. constant
  5. A big stone is kept in the floating board. If the stone is dropped in the water pond from the board, the level of water in the pond:
    1. None of these
    2. Decrease (go-down)
    3. No change
    4. Increase (rise-up)
  6. Which is not unit of energy?
    1. Newton-Metre
    2. Kilowatt-Hour
    3. Joule
    4. Megawatt
  7. The temperature at which the vapour pressure of liquid becomes equal to atmospheric pressure is called:
    1. Boiling Point
    2. Freezing Point
    3. Melting Point
    4. Critical Temperature
  8. The rate of diffusion of a gas depends on
    1. Atomicity
    2. Specific Heat
    3. Molecular Weight
    4. Valency
  9. The full name of B.H.C. is:
    1. Benzene Hydrochloride
    2. Benzene Hydroxy Carbonate
    3. Benzene Hydrogen Carbonate
    4. Benzene Hexachloride
  10. A temperature above which a gas cannot liquefied is called
    1. Liquefaction Temperature
    2. Boiling Point
    3. Freezing Point
    4. Critical Temperature

Answer Key of CEE Assam Exam 29 April 2018

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CEE Assam 29 April 2018 Official Answer Key of Common Entrance Exam

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Answer Key of Uttar Pradesh Entrance Test by www.potentialcoaching.in Assam

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