Enigmatic & Critical Comeback of Scarlet Fever

Enigmatic & Critical Comeback of Scarlet Fever News: Scarlet fever is reportedly making a dangerous comeback in parts of England. And, this will surely make you think about “Is scarlet fever contagious?.” Unfortunately, Yes. Through coughs, sneezes, and breaths, this bacterial illness can be transferred from infected person to normal one. Thus, making scarlet fever a contagious disease. The Lancet Infectious Diseases has published a new study saying that with a number of cases touched the peak of 50-year, England is a hub for Scarlet Fever. As, last year in 2016, England had 620 outbreaks totaling over 19,000 cases of this disease which can be treated by medical professionals.

Enigmatic & Critical Comeback of Scarlet Fever In 2018

If properly diagnosed in initial stages, the disease can end up with almost zero long-term effects. But if reached to extreme levels without treatments in a run, kidney damage, hepatitis, vasculitis, septicemia, congestive heart failure, and even death may occur as Scarlet Fever Long-Term Effects.

Scarlet fever and pregnancy are also related to each other in a manner. From the year 2000-2010, a total number of cases reported lied in the range of 150-250. But, in next few years, an unexpected ascent could be observed. As, from 2011 to 2016, the total number of cases reported of Scarlet fever were in bulk from 1400-1600 per year. Moreover, this is not the story of England only. Rather, mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Hongkong (locations in Aisa) saw these acute boosts in the number of cases.

Northern Westchester Hospital, Mount Kisco, New York, M.D., co-chief, Debra Spicehandler has some views with CBS News on “Could Scarlet Fever Be In U.S.?.”

Enigmatic & Critical Comeback of Scarlet Fever In 2018 News: After an era of nineteen and twentieth century, here is a mysterious return of Scarlet Fever in 2017.

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