Largest Planetarium in Western Hemisphere

Largest Planetarium in Western Hemisphere News: If you want your lips to make a statement like “Towns lining the Hudson River in N.J. are really the only bright spots on the state’s horizon,” here comes the very precise fount for you. Yes, we’re talking about Western Hemisphere’s Largest, World’s Fourth Largest 89 feet wide and 60 feet tall new planetarium in Liberty Science Center, New Jersey, United States (US).

Indeed, in the pursuit of something startlingly innovative, planetarium aims to switch the way people understand & imagine of space travels these days. With live or advanced connectivity features from a database of images, all visitants get the freshest images from COSMOS.

Paul Hoffman (president and CEO of the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey), exploring more about this newly opened planetarium in words, said: “Inside this vast world of gas and dust, so distant that even its light takes 1,400 years to reach our eyes, we see the star and planet formation in more beauty and detail than in any other place in the cosmos.”

Initially, Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium was opened on Saturday. Almost 400+ students from six schools from Neptune and Staten Island, Union City, River Edge, Jersey City, North Bergen proved fortunate enough to first experience Orion’s Nebula show at the planetarium and say “Wow, this is so cool!”

When Mike Shanahan, Planetarium director asked these students about their experience. Overall, it was awesome and Shanahan describes it as “I have worked in many planetariums and museums and I think this one has tons of potential. I am interested in finding out all the purposes of this planetarium.”

Full-dome movies, live planetarium shows, and pre-recorded presentations will be shown through the screens having 2 times the resolution of the HDTV in households and six times the resolution of new movie screens.

Talking about the history of the same, old IMAX Theatre is the new home for this Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium. This planetarium is named after Jennifer Chalsty who is a $5 million donor.

Largest Planetarium in Western Hemisphere News: Liberty Science Center (Museum in Jersey City, New Jersey) Opens Up World’s Fourth Largest Planetarium Today.

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